Women’s Day: Significance Of Struggles & Achievements

Initially, Women’s day was declared by the United States in 1909 when a group of women marched on the streets, took a stand for themselves and demanded their rights. Since then every year March 8th is celebrated as World’s International Women’s Day. The main aim to celebrate this day is for justice and dignity for women.

Women’s day is celebrated as the significance of women achievements in the field of politics, economic, social growth, corporate, sports, IT and many other fields. The day also intends to focus on women empowerment like innovations, Importance of education and career opportunities, violence against women and many other issues.

In every stage, you can experience care, nurture, affection, and love. Learn to respect and honor the women in your life. A Woman is a person who is always with you in all stages of life.

-When you are born, you have a Mother to care for you

– As you grow, you have a sister to play with.

– When start you are in schooling/ college, you have a friend to accompany.

When you are adult, you have lover to share your feelings.

When are confused, you have your grandmother to suggest the best.

-When you need a support, you have a wife for the lifetime.

– When you are in tension, you have your daughter to make you smile.

-When are tired of your responsibilities you have your daughter-in-law to take care.

But, unfortunately women are humiliated and degraded in every field. Crimes against women have increased over the past and it is estimated that 26 crimes against women are reported every hour. A woman is directly or indirectly, physically or mentally harassed. Some women are violence by husband and relatives, kidnapping & abduction, molestation & rape, sexual harassment and acid attacks in the name of love. Isn’t it shameful to ruin the life of a girl in the name of love?

From decades women are fighting for education, gender equality, career, freedom, independence and birthrights. Some women form a group and start street marches, few establish women organizations, individuals debates and take a stand for women empowerment, while others try to change the mentality of people by motivational speeches and many other challenging battles are the outcome of today’s woman progress.

We Salute and dedicate International Women’s Day is to all the Women around the world who struggled for womanhood, who have sacrificed their live with honest, unconditional and pure love, who took a stand for themselves, raised their voices against violence & cruelty and for the woman who made women proud and leave their footprints in success fields .

Wishing a Happy International Women’s Day to all the women. Celebrate the presence of women in your life by respecting her & honoring her work and dedication for you. Present a gift on this special day and make her smile.

So make a difference, let the change start with you. Let the girl child shine with bright life.

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