Quick Tips & Complete Overview on Buying Medicine Online

Quick tips & ways to buy medicine online

Technology is considered to be the driving force behind improvements in every sector including health care. When we look at recent innovations, we have many advanced medicines to cure many deadly diseases like malaria, Cancer (initial stages), heart transplantation, multiple sclerosis and many more.

Medicines are made under the supervision of experts by mixing the required amount of chemicals or compounds together. Some medicines are in the form of syrups, tablets, drops (ears and eyes), injections, creams, gels and ointments for skin, inhalers, nasal sprays and many more. No matter what type of the medicine your doctor has prescribed, it’s always important to be safe.

Ways to Purchase Medicines Safely:

Whenever we feel ill or fall sick, we consult a doctor to get well soon. To follow the prescription, we will buy the medicines either from the medical store of the clinic, nearby pharmacy or online portals. There is the widest range of medicines that are sourced from the trusted network of pharmacies and medical stores.

Online Medical Portal V/S Offline Medical stores:

We must notice that both online and offline retailers are selling the same products to the same people but in a different way. After so much of research, we have found some differences between online medical portals and offline medical stores.


Some medicines are available only in some particular location and we need to travel every month to get those medicines. In online portals, you can avail the product right at your door-steps within few clicks.


People consider some convenience factors like how fast you can purchase the medicines, how easy items are found.

In offline stores, people need to wait for a long queue to buy the medicines. But sometimes after waiting for so long also, we could not get the required products due to out of stock, inability to find the product, etc.

In an online store, no need to wait in a queue, you can directly search for the required medicine and get the product with ease. If the required product is not available then you can check out other medical portals.


Apart from the medical stuff, we also buy other requirements like hair care, general, food & nutrition, personal care and many more. Customers look for the products that match the budget.

In offline stores, we cannot directly ask or explain our requirements. But in online, you can happily explore for the desired product until you find the one.

Best Online Platform For Buying Medicines:

There are hundreds of online portals that provide medicines at door-steps. And the best part is most of the platforms are rendering their services through mobile apps as well. Among all those, we have listed leading online medical portals in India. So, no need to go around websites searching for medical stores. You can directly visit these top sites and order your medicines.

1. Medlife:

Whether it is an emergency or any other situation, you can rely on Medlife as it is the fastest delivery services in India. You can shop with confidence as it provides only authentic and branded drugs. It keeps on updating with amazing deals and discounts. By using Medlife coupon codes and offers you can get the medicines at affordable prices.

2. Netmeds:

It brings all your health care medicines and wellness products at your comfort. You can buy quality products as each and every product is checked by the expert’s team before dispatch. To avail the product at discount price use Netmeds Coupons.

3. 1MG:

It is considered as one of the largest online platforms for delivering medicines at your doorsteps. It supplies medicines that are inspected by reputed pharmacists before they are made available to the customers. If you are looking for some extra discount then you can apply 1MG coupon and discount codes at the checkout page while making the payment.

Do you Buy Medicines Online? Check these 6 Things Before Ordering

Online shopping has been growing rapidly. There are many online pharmacies that help people in finding generic medicines in online. Due to lack of privacy guidelines and stringent manufacturing, purchasing drugs from many online pharmacies is very risky. However, we have gathered a handful of tips that make it a little easier to comprehend online shopping:

1. To be sure that the pharmacies follow stringent safety and quality standards, look for certified pharmacies.

2. Avoid making purchases from online stores or websites that offer medicines without any prescriptions.

3. Check the privacy and security policies. It must contain the content that is easy to read and understand.

3. Make sure that the website has a physical address listed along with the telephone number which you can call and consult to a pharmacist.

4. Check the reviews and ratings to precede online order.

5. Insist on information about the medicines i.e. you are entitled to precise information on the medicine you are willing to buy. If you do not receive adequate information about the medicine then you can find another portal.

Risk-Free Payment Options:

Many sites work lawfully and offer comfort, security and shields for buying medications. There are numerous sites that are offering secure and safe payment methods. So, you can shop with confidence through online portals. One can make the payment by opting for any payment method such as Net banking, Debit card/Credit card, etc.  You can also use e-wallets like Mobikwik, Paytm, Freecharge and many more. There are special offers on payments that are made through e-wallets.

Wonders of Ayurvedic Medicines:

Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest and traditional method of natural healing. It helps the people live long, healthy and balanced lives. It helps to treat inflammatory, hormonal, digestive problems, anxiety/ depression, asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome & cramps and many more diseases.

Some people use it for relieving chronic constipation or IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, reducing pain, treating acne and lowering obesity risk. It helps to achieve a healthy life without the need for prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or suffering through painful conditions. After knowing the benefits, you will prefer Ayurvedic instead of medicines. You can find ayurvedic medicines in online medical portals too.

One Stop Destination For Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Medicines:

Non-prescribed medicines / over the counter medications are those drugs that are selected by an individual person and obtained from a store. We all have brought medicines without any prescription like a headache, fever, menstrual cramps, vomits, stomach upset, etc.

Whereas, prescribed medicines are the medicines that are prescribed by the healthcare provider, doctor, pharmacist. There diagnoses the illness and prescribe the appropriate medicines to treat the condition. These medicines are intended to be taken by the person for whom they were prescribed.

Online ports are the one-stop destination to buy prescribed and non-prescribed medicines. You can buy baby & mother, personal care, wellness, OTC and health aid products without any prescription. Just select the products and order. For prescribed medicines, we need to upload the picture or scanned copy of your original prescription and order the medicines.

Free & Best Assistance:

Whenever you order medicines, online portals track your orders. It suggests you the best products related to the same category of your search. It compares the products with one another and gives the best product. By this, a user can acquire the knowledge of best brands, top-selling products, new products and many more. This helps to convince the user to buy the specific new product.

Extra Benefits of ordering online:

Apart from time-saving, one can enjoy many benefits by shopping through online portals. You can get cashback offers, re-order discounts, bank offers, etc. Some portals provide special features like reward points and referral points, which can be used to redeem the discount in your next transaction. You can earn reward points on your order by sharing the link with your friends/ family members you can earn referral points.

Online Medicine Coupons and Offers:

We realize how important you medicines are, and how expensive they are. So, when you buy medicines online, use medicine coupons and offers to get hefty discounts. To find the best coupon, browse thoroughly and once you have found an offer that suits your requirement, copy the code and redeem the discount. Sometimes, you can club discount sale with the coupon code and get the product at cheaper price. Use the coupon code and become a smart online buyer.

Offers to Use on Medicine Orders

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netmeds coupons

1mg offers

In recent times, the internet has made it possible growth to cover all kinds of emergencies. We can even order medicines from online stores. But sometimes, when we order medicines through online we get products in the vast condition of improper packaging, potential lack of confidentiality, inability to check for drug interactions and several other issues. To avoid such type of transactions, make sure to follow the mentioned guidelines and avail quality medicines at a discounted price by using medicine coupons and deals.

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